Professional Wildlife Observation

Game Farms and Game Lodges |

WildlifeObserver is the ideal CCTV system for Game Lodges, Game Farms and for farmers wanting to monitor their livestock in remote areas.

Many guests travel halfway across the world to see wild animals in their natural environment only to return home disappointed. Hours of bumpy game drives often produce poor results, and don’t live up to guests’ expectations. Don’t let your guests miss important sightings. Show them what the animals are doing at your best sighting spots, live on big screens in dining rooms and lounges, while relaxing at the lodge.

WildlifeObserver transmits video images with sound from solar powered day-night CCTV cameras many kilometres away directly to your base and store up to seven days of continuous video images for later viewing.

WildlifeObserver needs no cabling between the cameras and the base. High definition CCTV video images are transmitted via WiFi signals up to five kilometres away. It also lets you manage the whole system securely from your mobile phone. You could:

  • view live images;
  • set alert conditions or schedules when to receive alerts when animals come into view;
  • zoom the cameras in or out;
  • open gates, turn on lights, switch on pumps or set off fire-alarms;
  • talk and listen what’s happening using two-way audio facility

all from your mobile phone even when you are out of the country.