Intelligent Farm Security

Security CCTV monitoring systems specifically developed for farmers |

When developing appropriate systems for the improvement of farmers’ security, it is necessary to understand both the intricacies and limitations of rural life. Normal run-of-the-mill alarm systems provide unrealistic expectations for remote farmers while off-site monitoring and reaction units are impractical in too many respects. Personnel at monitoring stations will confirm that most sensory and video analytic systems merely compound false alerts.

We’ve spent many years developing and testing security components and products specifically for farmers. Our aim is to provide reliable, low maintenance, yet cost-effective monitoring systems that allow farmers to sleep peacefully knowing that real danger will be detected immediately. False alerts such as rain, smoke, insects, clouds, pets or bright lights must be eliminated and the whole system must operate continuously for many years- without fail.

The best cameras in the world and the most expensive sensory equipment are pretty useless if the power supply can be interrupted, or if the software keeps crashing, or if video signals cannot be transmitted. Every individual part of the system must work constantly and effectively.

Please note that this is not an alarm system. It is a highly specialised, yet extremely robust CCTV monitoring system that alerts to your phone giving you the opportunity to take appropriate action such as activating your alarm, turning on the lights or opening gates, depending on the alert. It puts the monitoring function back in the hands of farmers and helps them to enjoy their well-earned restful sleep at night.

The 10-point philosophy of our farm monitoring systems is as follows:

  1. Quality & reliability are not negotiable– The security situation on farms is dire. Provide only robust, reliable, quality equipment for people who are serious about their personal and family’s security. Discounted, unreliable, local hardware store equipment has no place in our system.
  2. Eliminate false alerts– False alerts must be minimised by using only the most secure sensing equipment. Since almost all farmers have dogs, these sensors also need to be pet-friendly.
  3. Provide several layers of security– Detection only is not enough. Have “eyes” on every detection- see exactly what’s happening by viewing video alerts, or live images sent directly to a monitor, tablet or smartphone. Always know who’s lurking out there, even when away from home.
  4. Reaction time is essential– Alerts must be received instantaneously; split seconds can mean the difference between life and death. A perimeter security system, well away from the house, provides enough time to respond to pending danger.
  5. Uninterrupted 24/7, 365 days of the year operation– Ensure a workable security system even when the power is interrupted wilfully, or accidentally, with backup, solar powered, Uninterrupted Power Supply systems that must remain operative for a full day at least.
  6. Secure software and encrypted data– Prevent hacking and security breaches. Provide encrypted internet access on secure internet cloud servers hosted by Sentinel.
  7. Plug-and-play kit form installation– Easy installation is important. Eliminate unplanned, specialised installation costs.
  8. Intuitive, user-friendly software– Ease-of-use is paramount and speed is of the essence. User-friendly software and smartphone Apps to eliminate mistakes and ensure fast action under stressful situations.
  9. Easy integration with other systems– Take the appropriate corrective action on any alert directly from your cell phone by turning on the lights, opening gates, activating the alarm or connecting to a community safety programme.
  10. Full customer satisfaction– Good customer support is a non-negotiable culture. Provide intelligent, competent telephonic and internet support and a goods-return policy. Always exceed the customer’s expectations.

Product Description


Hardware includes a solar panel & 100 AH LI rechargeable UPS battery that will keep your security system running optimally. Four night-vision, zoomable, CCTV cameras including intelligent sensors that will each cover a distance of 60 metres and an area 15 meters wide meaning that most farm houses can securely cover its perimeter. A 2TB hard drive will store more than two weeks’ video images for forensic purposes which can be viewed on a 19” monitor display which is also supplied.