When your security is at stake, it’s simply not good enough to have even the best CCTV cameras installed if its power supply can be interrupted. It’s also not good enough to have a constant power supply if the internet connection is slow, hackable or if intrusion alerts are not received instantaneously. Mostly though, what use is a security system that gives false alarms?

We design, develop and supply high value CCTV monitoring equipment linked to solar chargeable UPS systems with highly encrypted, secure communication systems to provide instantaneous alerts with video footage pushed to your smart phone giving you the option to take action directly from your mobile like opening a gate or activating your alarm. Our main objective is to prevent false alarms and to have you sleep soundly knowing that when you do receive a notification that your attention is required.

All our systems are supplied in plug-and-play kit format for easy installation. Video clips are also supplied to assist with step-by-step instructions for peace of mind while on-line support is on stand-by.

Our goal is to provide the best quality, most secure, value chain of CCTV security solutions to all our clients- farmers, businesses, security estates and home owners.